Church@TheGabba is a Baptist Church, established nearly 150 years ago, and is an active member of the Queensland Baptist family of churches.


We are an autonomous church.

Baptist Churches have existed since 1609, and one of the primary reasons the Baptist movement developed as a distinctive group among other Protestant Churches is our strong and enduring commitment to the principle of religious liberty for all. This means that Baptist churches are often very different from each other and are free to shape their own style, language and ministry. 

At the same time, there are many things we do share in common.

Whilst we are a uniquely autonomous church, there are many benefits for us, and for our world, through the various associations and affiliations that we share together. 

The first Baptist Church in Queensland dates back to 1855.

Queensland Baptists, as a collective of Baptist Churches, is a member of Australian Baptist Ministries which represents over 1,000 Baptist churches throughout Australia.

We are a connected church.

Church@TheGabba, since it was commenced and throughout its long history (as Vulture Street Baptist Church, South Brisbane Baptist Church, South Bank Baptist Church, and now under its new name), has been an active member of the association of Baptist churches in Queensland.

Being a member of Queensland Baptists allows churches to share and contribute resources and to be involved in many aspects of ministry and mission activity that could not be achieved by any individual church.​