Loving GOD...Loving LIFE...Loving PEOPLE
Here at Church@TheGabba, we believe there are three things that are an essential part of our Christian faith and lifestyle. We believe these things are our mission and give us our purpose. 
Loving GOD
Our response to who God is, His love for us, and what He does.

In response to a question about what was the most important commandment, Jesus replied that the

highest priority was to love God above all else (Mark 12:30).

We believe, then, that the most important thing for a Christian, and a church, is to grow in this relationship with God. It is what God desires most from us.

Everything else grows out of this relationship of love and grace from God....and our response to it.

Loving God is not just a "Sunday thing"....it is a lifestyle for every day of the week. But there are certain things that we can do together, as a community of believers, that help us with this primary focus.

Our Family Worship Service (Sundays at 10am) is for the whole family and follows a "blended" approach in worship style.

The service is a time of inspiration, information and incarnation.... when we celebrate God's love, grace, presence and leading. There is a special children's program that runs through the second half of the service....and a great time of fellowship and morning tea after the service.

Other opportunities of celebrating God's love for us and expressing our love for God are through....

Creative Ministries, Prayer Meetings, Discipleship Programs and other Special Activities.

Loving LIFE
How we seek to live out the "abundant life".

In John 10:10 Jesus declares that He has come that we might have abundant life!

This would be a life….

- that isn’t Empty

- that isn’t Fearful

- that isn’t Anxious

- that isn’t Guilty

- that isn’t Separated

Scripture also tells us that we are to experience this “abundant life” as a community of faith.

To Love God and to Love Life...together!

There are a number of ways that we try and “love life” together as a community……


We have several home and fellowship groups that meet during the week for Bible Study and fellowship. We expect more will be starting up in the near future, too! A great way to get to know others and share faith and encouragement.


In our new location we hope to be able to host and participate in various community activities throughout the year.


We hope to be able to present a series of community seminars on life skills and issues through the next couple of years.


Opportunities to have fun and fellowship through various social activities.


How we do what we are called to do...to love and serve others.

Not only did Jesus highlight the priority of loving God...He also highlighted the need to love people!

He even linked these two things….loving people is an extension of loving God. 

Because of this, we believe the church should be the heart of the community.

Therefore, we are involved in serving our local community in many ways...because we love people and want to be a blessing to them. So, as a church, we are actively involved in loving people in many ways.

We assist the needy, we serve our community through involvement in the local school and support of other groups. We reach out to people in whatever ways we can.

We have even established a special "community hub" called THE MUSTARD SEED as a means of supporting, encouraging and serving our local community. And we have many ministries and activities that cater for the needs of our community.

There are lots of various age-appropriate ministries and activities….Children’s Church, Youth Group, Young Adults, Families,  etc. And we also have a great music-based program for parents and their under-5's.... mainly music.

We have been running the very popular and effective CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH CLASSES for international students, refugees and workers for many years and this has proven to be a great way to help assist and serve others. These free classes are held on Wednesday evenings (7pm).

Our “BRIDGES” group is a fellowship and Bible study group for international students and workers on Friday evenings (7pm).

As a church we are also very involved in Mission activity and support in Australia and in several other countries, including in the indigenous community.