The Heart Of The Community

As a church, we genuinely love our community, and we are committed to serving it and to being an agent of positive influence in it.
We believe that Jesus calls His followers to love their neighbours and, by extension, their neighbourhoods, and so we endeavour to do that in many different ways.
We believe that the church should be ​the heart of the community.

In addition to the partnership we have with East Brisbane State School and the Chaplaincy service we provide for the school community, there are many other programs and activities that we are actively involved in to serve and support our local Woolloongabba (the Gabba) and East Brisbane community.


Located right next to Church at the Gabba at 861 Stanley street, Woolloongabba, is our vintage inspired community hub, The Mustard Seed. It's a lively little place with a lot to offer the community, both in the services it provides as well as the opportunity to belong and be part of a fun-loving family-style community.

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Brisbane has become a very multi-cultural city over recent years and Church@TheGabba ​is right in the middle of it! Not only do we have many different nationalities represented in the church family, but we are also very committed to serving the wider community and those who have come from all over the world to be part of students, refugees, migrants, tourists....all are welcome in Brisbane...and at Church@TheGabba! We run very popular and successful CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH classes, LUNCHES and other specific activities for our international community here at the well as supporting several missions and activities overseas.​

We find that our Conversational English Classes are a very practical and helpful way that we can serve and support those in this very multi-ethnic part of Brisbane. In addition, we help support our international community in other ways where possible.

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Ever since the church relocated to its Gabba location we have been very actively involved in the community, and are becoming known as the "heart of the community".​

Through the association and partnership we have with East Brisbane State School, we have been able to serve our local community in many ways.​​

One of the major activities in which we have partnered with the school is in presenting the annual Community Carols program just before Christmas each year since 2013. This is an amazing opportunity that we have to work together on this community event and each year we have seen it get bigger and better with hundreds of people from the school, and general, community attending. 


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The church is also actively involved in building a sense of community with the businesses, residential units managers, school and other entities in our immediate vicinity.

To do this, we host several activities each of our most enjoyable activities is the annual Block BBQ... a nice, relaxed way that we are bringing the community together.


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This section will be updated soon.