Here at Church@TheGabba we recognize that it is important for us to grow together in genuine relationship and as a faith community, not just see each other once a week on Sundays.

For this reason, we have a number of LIFE GROUPS that meet each week. 


Young Adults Life Group

The Young Adults Life Group meets on Thursdays at 7pm every week at various locations around South Brisbane. It is a Bible Study group where we desire to grow in our understanding of the things of God, pray regularly with each other and grow in friendship and love for one another as a family. During the year we also run plenty of social activities to just enjoy life together!

Please contact Dave and Veronica Carnell or Pastor Ian for more information: or


Church@TheGabba is home to an increasing number of families from all over the world who desire to connect with other families more regularly than once a week at Church. We also recognise that evenings out are difficult for families with young children. For this reason we run a specific Families LifeGroup lunch every other Sunday afternoon. Some weeks we will also organise a “Ladies Night Out” or “Guys Night” at times which suits the group.

Please contact Pastor Ian for more information:


The BRIDGES group is a weekly meeting of international students, workers and refugees. It has a varied program....part Bible Study/discussion, fellowship and fun and games. It is designed as a safe place where faith can be explored, encouraged and nurtured amongst those who have come to Brisbane from overseas. The BRIDGES group meets on Friday evenings. 

Contact Pastor Ian for more info:

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This group meets at 11:30am on Wednesday mornings at the church. It is an ideal group for anyone who is unable to get out at night-time. Everyone is welcome.

For further information contact Pastor Ian...


There are other Life Groups in the church that meet each week. These groups are made up of an eclectic mix of age and stage and ethnicity and anyone is welcome to join in with them.

These groups are general Bible Study and discussion groups, aimed at helping people grow in their faith and understanding of Scripture. These groups are also an important source of encouragement and prayer support for their members.

To find out more about these Life Groups please contact Pastor Ian:

Life Groups

If you would like to join one of the C@G Life Groups, or find out a bit more about them, please contact us for some more info. Thanks.

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