Brisbane has become a very multi-cultural city over recent years and Church@TheGabba ​is right in the middle of it. We are passionately committed to serving the wider community including those who have come from all over the world to be part of students, refugees, migrants, tourists....all are welcome here at Church@TheGabba! 

We also are involved directly, and indirectly, in several overseas mission and aid activities.


Our Conversational English class is an important part of our international ministry activity. This class is run every week for international students, workers, refugees and others who have come to Australia and would like to improve their ability to converse in English

We have had thousands of students from over 40 different countries come to our English classes since we started them in 2005 and everyone has a great time of learning and making new friends

These classes are held every Wednesday evening (7pm-9pm) throughout the school terms.
Each session also includes supper.

Those seeking help in basic, or intermediate, English conversation are catered for in these classes.

There are many good things about our English classes…..learning English in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, lots of fun, great supper, building lasting friendships….but one of the best things about them is that they are FREE

Ian Jones, our pastor, is also the leader of our Conversational English team.

Ian has a teaching background and, being very widely travelled, enjoys the wonderful opportunity of helping people from all over the world with their English speaking. Ian is joined by an enthusiastic team of helpers each week to cater for the many students who come along

If you would like to find out more, please contact our Pastor, Ian Jones, on 3891 9210, or use the form on the Contacts page so send an enquiry.

Or you can simply just turn up on Wednesday evening (7pm) and join in. See you there!

BRIDGES International Group

"BRIDGES" is the name of the exciting ministry that we run especially designed for Internationals (students, refugees, tourists and workers).

We have called it "Bridges" because it is in keeping with our ministry philosophy of building bridges across cultures and distance to reach the world with the gospel. And the BRIDGES group really is doing that! Over recent years we have already been blessed to have welcomed students from Korea, the United States, Malaysia, Ghana, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Hungary, Iran, Brazil, Chile, India, Germany, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Jordan, Japan, and Papua New Guinea into our fellowship!

"Bridges" meets the first Friday of the month at 7pm. Every few weeks we will go on some special outing or activity. These meetings comprise lots of fun, games and laughter, plenty of food, and some stimulating discussions and Bible Study.

Transport home can be arranged for after "Bridges". If you are from overseas and would like to find out more about our "Bridges" ISM group, please ring or email Pastor Ian for more information (see the Contacts page).

Or just turn up on the first Friday night of the month at 7pm… We'd love to see you!